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Vitalograph micro Hand-Spirometer mit pdf-Berichtssoftware

Vitalograph micro - handheld spirometer with pdf reporting software

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With the NEW Vitalograph micro, you are choosing a quality product from the market leader in... more
With the NEW Vitalograph micro, you are choosing a quality product from the market leader in general and occupational medicine - and at a sensational price. Based on more than 50 years of spirometry experience, Vitalograph has developed a reliable, easy-to-use entry-level model that is unique in its price segment.

The NEW Vitalograph micro offers all necessary functionalities especially for the general practitioner. Test results and curves are displayed on the colour touch screen and read out as a clear PDF if required. The PDF can be optionally printed via the PC or stored in the archive module of the practice software. The new GLI spirometry target values are already stored.
Ideal also for quick spirometry in the clinic, for example in anaesthesia, in the emergency room or on the ward.

The measuring technology (pneumotachograph) has been adopted from the Vitalograph Premium models and, unlike turbine spirometers, does not require any sensitive or moving parts. This guarantees longevity and the highest measurement accuracy - even at very low or high flow rates. The follow-up costs per measurement are low, as no expensive disposable measuring heads, turbines or spirettes are required. Hygiene is optimally ensured thanks to the bacteria-virus filter.
- Low-cost entry-level model from the market leader for general/occupational medicine
- Sustainable & hygienic measurement technology
- Low follow-up costs (no expensive disposable measuring heads, turbines or spirettes)
- Simple, self-explanatory touch screen operation with large icons
- With PC software for creating spirometry reports including curves as PDF (for printing or for storage in the archive module of the practice software)
- Also ideal for fast spirometry in the clinic area
- Including GLI target values according to spirometry guidelines

Scope of delivery: 1 Vitalograph Micro Spirometer, 1 USB cable, 1 CD with software
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