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MERZ Rhino PC-basierte diagnostische Rhinomanometrie

MERZ Rhino Rhinomanometer for allergology, ENT diagnostics

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  • 2-51610000-S
PC-based diagnostic rhinomanometry for allergology, ENT diagnostics and nasal surgery. The MERZ... more
PC-based diagnostic rhinomanometry for allergology, ENT diagnostics and nasal surgery. The MERZ Rhino is a compact rhinomanometer for connection to the USB interface. The software evidENT Rhino is executable under all Windows versions, also Windows 10.

Technical data:
Hygienically harmless measuring system (all parts can be sterilized / autoclaved)
Use of highly sensitive pressure sensors based on CMOS technology
Pressure sensors are calibrated and temperature compensated
High repeat accuracy of the measured values
Pre/Post Test Comparison
Network-compatible, GDT interface
Method for processing the individual measured values into a unique measurement curve can be selected (Polynomial Fitting, Moving Average)
Display of raw data
Performing nasal provocation
Data analysis mode for comparison of all measurements
Automatic testing of measuring conditions
Automatic termination of the measurement after an adjustable number of breaths

Included in delivery:
Rhinomask for adults; Windows software MerzRhino;
Standard accessory package with flow sensor, tubes, consumables and USB cable

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