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Bakterienfilter für DDS-Sekretbehälter des ATMOS Sektretsaugers
Bacteria filter for DDS secretion container of...
Consumables, not autoclavable. Change recommended at least every 2 weeks. The filter must be changed immediately in the event of heavy soiling or a change of patient. Scope of delivery: Package with 10 pieces evidENT-Shop Article 596...
Order number: 2-62200065
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Ohrspülschale Cerumex für ATMOS und Dantschke Einheiten
Cerumex ear rinsing bowl for ATMOS and...
Water collecting tulip type "Cerumex" for connection to the extraction system. Ear rinsing bowl for ear rinsing with ATMOS units: C21, C31, Servant 5 C. Also suitable for Dantschke Medicenter units (newer model). Scope of delivery: one...
Order number: 2-62200040
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ATMOS Bakterienfilterblättchen für LC16, Atmolit 26/16 N
ATMOS Bacteria filter leaflets for LC16,...
Bacteria filter leaflets for ATMOS LC16, Atmolit 26, Atmolit 16 N. Disposable, not autoclavable. Recommended change of filter leaves: 1 x per patient, 1 x per week for the same patient. Scope of delivery: 25 pieces evidENT-Shop Article...
Order number: 2-62200000
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