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Audiometer r07a Screening Audiometer mit Luftleitung

Audiometer r07a Screening Audiometer with DD45

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  • 2-51020003
The r07a audiometer is a portable and compact screening audiometer with air conduction. Ideal for... more
The r07a audiometer is a portable and compact screening audiometer with air conduction. Ideal for quick hearing tests in schools, health authorities and companies.

DD45 air conduction headphones, patient response button, audiogram forms, red and blue pen, Resonance® MDS software, carry case, CE manual (multilingual)

Technical data: Class 4 Audiometer (according to EN ISO 60645-1)
Dimensions: L x W x H in mm: 240x190x30, weight: 600 g
TESTS: Pure tone audiometry
BATTERY OPERATION: over 4 AA batteries.
POWER DATA: Frequency range LL: 125 Hz to 8 kHz.
Accuracy: frequency < 0.5%, distortion < 1%.
- Pure tone: Sine 125 to 8Khz signal
- sweep: +/- 5% frequency range modulated, modulation: sine wave 5 Hz

Delivery: Audiometer r07a with accessories
evidENT Shop Article 597

List of accessories:
HB-7 Audiometer headphones with DD465 transducers, patient response button, 100 sheets audiogram forms, blue/red pencil, multilingual CE operating instructions
MDS software, USB stick including: DHR documents, MDS software installer, multilingual CE operating instructions, carrying case, 4 AA batteries, 1.5 V
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Software evidENT2 - Grundmodul Tympanometrie zum Anschluß an versch. Tympanometer software evidENT2 - basic module tympanometry...
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€940.10 *
Hygienehüllen HZH280 für diverse Kopfhörer Hygienic sleeves HZH280 for various headphones
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