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Screening Audiometer Inventis Triangle with DD65 with sound protection caps

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Portable screening audiometer with headphones DD65 - Automatic and manual pure tone audiometry... more
Portable screening audiometer with headphones DD65
- Automatic and manual pure tone audiometry
- Optional bone conduction license (BC) with masking
- Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
- Touch screen display and internal memory

Automatic pure tone audiometry can be performed with three different protocols:
- Hughson- Westlake
- Fast search
- Fixed intensity
In addition to the Hughson-Westlake method for threshold determination, the user can also select Quick Search for threshold determination.
Lightweight and compact, Triangle is extremely handy and easy to carry around, thanks in part to the soft carrying case included. The rechargeable Li-Ion battery makes Triangle the perfect choice for those on the go. Triangle is also equipped with an internal memory that can store exams from up to 100 patients.

Intensity air conduction -10 to 100 dB HL
Bone conduction (optional): -10 to 60 dB HL
Frequency range: 125-8000 Hz
Input: Tone, Warble
Masking: (optional with "bone conduction connectivity" license): NBN, WN
Output: Air line L+R (DD45 or DD65 headphones, insert earpiece), bone line (opt.)
Response function: Built-in microphone
Display: color TFT LCD, capacitive
Size: diagonal 2.8", 43.2 mm x 57.6 mm
Resolution: 240 x 320 x RGB
Internal battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Battery: More than 12 hours of continuous operation
Tests: Manual pure tone audiometry, Automatic pure tone audiometry (available algorithms: Hughson-Westlake, Quick Search, Fixed Intensity)
Data storage: Internal for 100 patients
Language: Multilingual interface
PC Interface: USB driverless connection (opt.)
Operating modes: Stand-alone and (optional) connection to a PC
Compatible software: Inventis Maestro (also as Noah module)
Size: 210x160x40 mm; Weight: 425 g

Includes: DD65 headphones with soundproof caps; Medical power supply; Patient push-button; USB connection cable; Audiogram cards; Carrying case; User manual