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Nasenklemme Kunststoff für die Spirometrie

Nose clamp plastic for spirometry

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  • 2-64000009
Nose clamp for spirometry made of plastic with interchangeable pads. Material: plastic. Suitable... more
Nose clamp for spirometry made of plastic with interchangeable pads. Material: plastic.
Suitable for MicroLab, MicroLoop, SpiroUSB, Flow Screen, SpiroPro, APS, APS pro and ECoScreen.

Scope of delivery: 1 nose clip with two pads
evidENT-Shop Article 335

The use of nose clips is recommended when performing spirometry measurements to prevent exhalation through the nose. The nose pads are disposable and should be changed after each patient. The nose pads can be cleaned with alcohol or disinfectant wipes.

Original number 892120
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