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Standard Ohrstöpsel ER1-14A von Etymotic Research

ER1-14A Disposable foam eartips (regular, 13mm) from Etymotic Research

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  • 2-75000016
Earplugs for use with the ER-1 and ER-2 insert earphones for research. Material: foam.... more
Earplugs for use with the ER-1 and ER-2 insert earphones for research.
Material: foam. Dimensions: diameter: 13 mm, colour: yellow, transparent tube.
Intended for disposable use. Manufacturer: Etymotic Research.
The ER-1 Insert Earphones require the “ER1” accessories for sound delivery (eg ER1-14A,B, ER1-21, ER1-06, ER1-04 etc.)
The inner diameter of the tubes is 1.35 mm, which is smaler than the ER-3 products!

Scope of delivery: bag with 50 earplugs
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