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UGD-Sonde zur DPOAE/TEOAE-Messung für ILO Echoport USB / Otoport von Otodynamics

UGD Probe for DPOAE/TEOAE Measurement for ILO Echoport USB / Otoport by Otodynamics

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  • 2-63000007
UGD Universal probe for use with Otodynamics OAE systems: Echoport ILO288 USB-II , Echoport... more
UGD Universal probe for use with Otodynamics OAE systems: Echoport ILO288 USB-II , Echoport ILO292 USB-I , Echoport ILO292 USB-II , Otoport Advance and Otoport DP+TE. For DPOAE and TEOAE measurements.
Suitable for newborns, children and adults.
The software adjusts the stimulus for the individual ear canals. The probe can be dismantled and the probe tubes are easy to replace. With grey housing head and screw plug.
The probes UGS (TEOAE) and UGD (TEOAE and DPOAE) are so-called "intelligent" probes because they contain calibration information and usage data. The screw connection makes it easy to connect the probes to the Echoport USB with minimal effort. The robust connector protects the internal cables from stress.

Scope of delivery: 1 probe
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Stoffbeutel für ILO-OAE-Sonden Fabric bag for ILO-OAE probes
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UGS-Sonde für TEOAE-Messung für ILO Echoport USB und Otoport von Otodynamics UGS TEOAE Probe for Otodynamics OAE Probes
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EarCups für das Neugeborenen-Screening Infant EarCup™ Kit w/o electrodes
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Gehäuse für graue für UGD-Sonden von Otodynamics Body and lid (grey) for Otodynamnics BGD probes
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XGD-Sonde für Otoport-Geräte von Otodynamics XGD Universal probe for Otoport OAE devices...
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Ambu® WhiteSensor WSP25 EKG-Elektroden Ambu® WhiteSensor WSP25 ECG electrodes
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Ambu® WhiteSensor 40713 EKG-Elektroden Ambu® WhiteSensor 40713 ECG electrodes
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Pads für Bügel der Knochenleiter B71, B72, B71W, B81 von Radioear Pads for Headband for B71, B72, B71W, B81 Bone...
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63500074.jpg Cup electrode cable Ag/AgC 100 cm with 1.5 mm...
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Ohrspülbecher weiß Ear rinsing cup Eschbach.
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Hygienehüllen schwarz 11 cm Hygiene Pads 11 cm for Headphones
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Pads für Kopfbügel BC-1, BC-2 Pad for BC-1, BC-2 and NB71
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61000256.jpg Radioear DD65 v2 audiometric headphones, 2x 6.3...
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Hygienehüllen weiß 9 cm für diverse Kopfhörer Hygienic Pads 9 cm for Headphones, white
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Vitalograph micro Hand-Spirometer mit pdf-Berichtssoftware Vitalograph micro - handheld spirometer with...
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Ambu® WhiteSensor 4535M Einweg EKG-Elektrode Ambu® WhiteSensor 4535M - ECG Electrode -...
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Blaue UGD-Sonde für DPOAE+ABR-Messungen für Otoport von Otodynamics Blue UGD probe for DPOAE+ABR measurements for...
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€850.85 *
Rote UGD-Sonde für DPOAE+ABR-Messungen für Otoport von Otodynamics Red UGD probe for DPOAE+ABR measurements for...
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€850.85 *
Rote UGS-Sonde für TEOAE+ABR-Messungen für Otoport von Otodynamics Red UGS probe for TEOAE+ABR measurements for...
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Nassgel-Elektroden Ag/AgCl mit dezentralem Druckknopf Wet gel electrodes with offset connector
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Download Kabel für Otoport-Systeme Data transfering cable for Otoport systems
Order number: 2-63000030
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Dockingstation für Otoport von Otodynamics Full docking station for Otoport OAE
Order number: 2-63000028
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Ladestation für Otoport-Geräte Charging station for OAE Otoport (Charge only)
Order number: 2-63000026
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snap Druckknopf-Elektroden, Einmal-Elektroden für Kurzzeitgebrauch Snap pushbutton electrodes, disposable...
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MERZ Rhino PC-basierte diagnostische Rhinomanometrie MERZ Rhino Rhinomanometer for allergology, ENT...
Order number: 2-51610000-S
€3,748.50 *
Ohrspülschale Cerumex für ATMOS und Dantschke Einheiten Cerumex ear rinsing bowl for ATMOS and...
Order number: 2-62200040
€136.85 *
Kinder-Kopfbügel HB3045P für Luftleitungshörer Radioear DD45 Pediatric Easy AdjustHeadband HB3100 for...
Order number: 2-61000162
€142.80 *
Kopfhörerbügel HBA für Kopfhörer DD45, faltbar Headband HBA for headphones DD45, foldable
Order number: 2-61000109
€142.80 *
Sondenröhrchen (Coupler Tubes) für DP/TE-Sonden Otodynamics Echoport und Otoport DPC Coupler Tubes for DP/TE Otodynamics Probes
Order number: 2-73000016
€101.75 *
Sondenröhrchen (Coupler Tubes) für TE-Sonden Otodynamics Echoport und Otoport TPC Coupler Tubes for TEOAE Otodynamics Probes
Order number: 2-73000015
€77.35 *
Ladekabel für Otoport von Otodynamics Otoport Charger for Otodynamics all Otoport...
Order number: 2-63000038
€172.55 *
Testkavität für OAE + ERA von Otodynamics Probe Cavity & ABR Cable Tester for Otodynamics...
Order number: 2-63000034
€101.15 *
Drucker für Otoport von Otodynamics Otoport Printer for Otodynamics all Otoport...
Order number: 2-63000033
€464.10 *
Hortmann Gesichtspolster für VG40 VideoCNG Brille Face cushion for ICS VG40 VNG goggles from...
Order number: 2-62100002
€95.20 *
Schaumstoffpolster-Box für VNG-Maske (24 Stück) Foam cushion box for VNG mask (24 pieces)
Order number: 2-62000043
€73.90 *