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UGD-Sonde zur DPOAE/TEOAE-Messung für ILO Echoport USB / Otoport von Otodynamics

UGD Probe for DPOAE/TEOAE Measurement for ILO Echoport USB / Otoport by Otodynamics

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  • 2-63000007
UGD Universal probe for use with Otodynamics OAE systems: Echoport ILO288 USB-II , Echoport... more
UGD Universal probe for use with Otodynamics OAE systems: Echoport ILO288 USB-II , Echoport ILO292 USB-I , Echoport ILO292 USB-II , Otoport Advance and Otoport DP+TE. For DPOAE and TEOAE measurements.
Suitable for newborns, children and adults.
The software adjusts the stimulus for the individual ear canals. The probe can be dismantled and the probe tubes are easy to replace. With grey housing head and screw plug.
The probes UGS (TEOAE) and UGD (TEOAE and DPOAE) are so-called "intelligent" probes because they contain calibration information and usage data. The screw connection makes it easy to connect the probes to the Echoport USB with minimal effort. The robust connector protects the internal cables from stress.

Scope of delivery: 1 probe
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