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Rote UGS-Sonde für TEOAE+ABR-Messungen für Otoport von Otodynamics

Red UGS probe for TEOAE+ABR measurements for Otoport from Otodynamics

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Red UGS probe for TEOAE+AABR for use with Otodynamics Otoport ABR and Otoport OAE+ABR binaural... more
Red UGS probe for TEOAE+AABR for use with Otodynamics Otoport ABR and Otoport OAE+ABR binaural right identification. Suitable for newborns, children and adults. The technical features are the same as for the UGS universal probes, the colour coding makes it easier to assign the page to be measured for ABR. Original no. of Otodynamics: PR-ABRRS.

Scope of delivery: One probe
evidENT-Shop Article 662

The stimulus for the individual ear canals is adjusted by the software. The probe can be dismantled and the probe tubes can be easily replaced. With red housing head and screw plug. The UGS type probes are so-called "intelligent" probes because they contain calibration information and usage data. The screw connection allows easy connection of the probes to the instrument with minimal effort. The robust connector protects the internal cables from stress.
UGS-Sonde für TEOAE-Messung für ILO Echoport USB und Otoport von Otodynamics UGS TEOAE Probe for Otodynamics OAE Probes
Order number: 2-63000004
€589.05 *
XGD-Sonde für Otoport-Geräte von Otodynamics XGD Universal probe for Otoport OAE devices...
Order number: 2-63000044
€589.05 *
Tympanogramm-Vordrucke für Tymp Heinemann AT 2-4F Tympanogram forms for Heinemann AT 2-4F
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TEN20 Conductive Elektrodenpaste (114 g Tube) TEN20 Conductive electrode paste (114 g tube)
Order number: 2-70500005
From €16.90 *
Sondenspitzen für GSI Corti OAE Probe tips for GSI Corti OAE
Order number: 2-63030001
€42.25 *
Ambu® WhiteSensor WSP25 EKG-Elektroden Ambu® WhiteSensor WSP25 ECG electrodes
Order number: 2-73500025
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Ambu® WhiteSensor 40713 EKG-Elektroden Ambu® WhiteSensor 40713 ECG electrodes
Order number: 2-73500019
From €2.80 *
Ambu® WhiteSensor 0315M Diagnose-Elektroden mit Tab-Anschluß Ambu® WhiteSensor 0315M diagnostic electrodes...
Order number: 2-73500018
From €8.75 *
Filterplättchen echo-screen TDA gelb Acoustic-filter for echo-screen TDA
Order number: 2-63200010
€52.00 *
Thermopapierrolle 63 mm breit, für medizinische Geräte Thermal paper roll 63 mm wide, for MAICO...
Order number: 2-70000022
From €3.45 *
69600012_2.jpg Halogen lamp OSRAM HLX 64625 12 Volt / 100 Watt
Order number: 2-69600030
€9.40 *
69600019_1.jpg Dr. Fischer microscooplamp 15W 6V 00843121
Order number: 2-69600019
€26.00 *
Ambu® WhiteSensor 4535M Einweg EKG-Elektrode Ambu® WhiteSensor 4535M - ECG Electrode -...
Order number: 2-73500013
From €16.90 *
Bakterienfilter “MicroGard IIB“ für Pneumotachografen MicroGard® IIB Bacteria Filter for various...
Order number: 2-64000119
€59.50 *
Nassgel-Elektroden Ag/AgCl mit dezentralem Druckknopf Wet gel electrodes with offset connector
Order number: 2-73500012
From €16.90 *
ORLICLEAN Reinigungstabletten für Ohrstöpsel 20 Stück ORLICLEAN cleaning tablets for earplugs 20 pieces
Order number: 2-71500100
From €7.50 *
MERZ Rhino PC-basierte diagnostische Rhinomanometrie MERZ Rhino Rhinomanometer for allergology, ENT...
Order number: 2-51610000-S
€3,748.50 *
Kunststoffmundstück oval für Erwachsene für ZAN100 Plastic mouthpiece, oval, semi-disposable for...
Order number: 2-64000114
€5.65 *
MicroGard II C - Einzeln für Pneumotachograf MicroGard II C Filters - single - bacterial and...
Order number: 2-64000072
From €1.55 *
Bakterienfilter für DDS-Sekretbehälter des ATMOS Sektretsaugers Bacterial filter for ATMOS DDS secretion canister
Order number: 2-62200065
From €44.45 *
XL-Kopfband für VNG und HIT-Masken Klettverschlussband extra-lang XL-Headband for eVNG and eVNG/eHIT Combimask...
Order number: 2-62000077
€50.10 *
Kopfband für VNG und HIT-Masken Klettverschlussband Headgear for VNG and HIT masks Velcro strap
Order number: 2-62000062
€41.65 *
Oberes Polster für eVNG-Maske zum Einkleben (Patientenseitig) Upper cushion for eVNG mask for gluing in...
Order number: 2-62000041
€72.00 *
Skintact RT-34 Easitab-Anschluß - Diagnose-Elektroden für Ruhe-EKG Skintact RT-34 Easitab connection - Diagnostic...
Order number: 2-73500008
From €8.75 *
Schlauchreduziernippel für MasterScope Rhino Hose reduction nipple for MasterScope Rhino
Order number: 2-64000047
€12.20 *
Papierrolle 114 mm breit, für medizinische Geräte Paper roll 114 mm wide, for medical devices
Order number: 2-70000004
From €6.90 *
Helipur® H plus N für MERZ Rhino®, Flüssiges Konzentrat auf Aldehydbasis Helipur® H plus N for MERZ Rhino®, liquid...
Order number: 2-70700000
€23.80 *
KREPPFIX-Zungenläppchen Folienpack mit 6 Rollen, perforiert KREPPFIX tongue lobules foil pack with 6 rolls,...
Order number: 2-70600000
From €20.65 *
Parker SPECTRA® 360 Elektrodengel, Tube mit 250 g Parker SPECTRA® 360 Electrode Gel, Tube with 250 g
Order number: 2-70500010
From €4.05 *
Aquasonic 100 Ultraschall-Übertragungsgel, 250 g Flasche Aquasonic 100 ultrasonic transmission gel, 250...
Order number: 2-70500008
From €3.75 *
EVERI abrasive Hautvorbereitungspaste, 160 ml Flasche EVERI abrasive skin preparation paste, 160 ml...
Order number: 2-70500002
From €11.90 *
NUPREP Hautvorbereitungsgel, mittelstark, körnig NUPREP Skin Preparation Gel, medium strength,...
Order number: 2-70500001
From €15.95 *
Thermopapierrolle 112 mm breit, für medizinische Geräte Thermal paper roll 112 mm wide, for medical...
Order number: 2-70000008
From €4.05 *
Thermopapierrolle 57 mm breit (25 m), für medizinische Geräte Thermal paper roll 57 mm wide (25 m), for...
Order number: 2-70000002
From €3.45 *
Thermopapierrolle 110 mm breit, für medizinische Geräte 110 mm thermographic paper for medical devices
Order number: 2-70000001
From €4.05 *
Thermopapierrolle 80 mm breit, für medizinische Geräte Thermal paper roll 80 mm wide, for medical devices
Order number: 2-70000000
From €4.05 *
PUROCLEAN Reinigungsdose mit Siebeinsatz PUROCLEAN® cleaning can with sieve insert
Order number: 2-71500073
€4.40 *