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Rote UGS-Sonde für TEOAE+ABR-Messungen für Otoport von Otodynamics

Red UGS probe for TEOAE+ABR measurements for Otoport from Otodynamics

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Red UGS probe for TEOAE+AABR for use with Otodynamics Otoport ABR and Otoport OAE+ABR binaural... more
Red UGS probe for TEOAE+AABR for use with Otodynamics Otoport ABR and Otoport OAE+ABR binaural right identification. Suitable for newborns, children and adults. The technical features are the same as for the UGS universal probes, the colour coding makes it easier to assign the page to be measured for ABR. Original no. of Otodynamics: PR-ABRRS.

Scope of delivery: One probe
evidENT-Shop Article 662

The stimulus for the individual ear canals is adjusted by the software. The probe can be dismantled and the probe tubes can be easily replaced. With red housing head and screw plug. The UGS type probes are so-called "intelligent" probes because they contain calibration information and usage data. The screw connection allows easy connection of the probes to the instrument with minimal effort. The robust connector protects the internal cables from stress.
UGS-Sonde für TEOAE-Messung für ILO Echoport USB und Otoport von Otodynamics UGS TEOAE Probe for Otodynamics OAE Probes
Order number: 2-63000004
€576.50 *
OAE Sonde für MADSEN Accuscreen (TEOAE/ABR) OAE probe for MADSEN Accuscreen (TEOAE/ABR)
Order number: 2-63200001
€946.05 *
Sondenröhrchen (Coupler Tubes) für TE-Sonden Otodynamics Echoport und Otoport TPC Coupler Tubes for TEOAE Otodynamics Probes
Order number: 2-73000015
€75.45 *
Sondenspitze ER10 für OAE-Sonden ER10D Probe Tip for MAICO and Interacoustics...
Order number: 2-63100006
€17.85 *
Blue Sensor Elektroden P-00-S - Nassgel-Ektroden für den Kurzzeitgebrauch Blue Sensor Electrodes P-00-S - Wet gel...
Order number: 2-73500001
From €15.65 *
Hygienehüllen HZH280 für diverse Kopfhörer Hygienic sleeves HZH280 for various headphones
Order number: 2-61000115
From €0.45 *
61000231.jpg ER7-04 Cable assembly
Order number: 2-61000231
€102.34 *
Ambu® WhiteSensor 4535M Einweg EKG-Elektrode Ambu® WhiteSensor 4535M - ECG Electrode -...
Order number: 2-73500013
From €16.90 *
Eartip box 80 pieces - MRS OAE, Amplivox OAE and Madsen Zodiac Tymp Eartip box 80 pieces - MRS OAE, Amplivox OAE...
Order number: 2-71500093
€72.00 *
63020003.jpg Bio-logic DPOAE probe tip (white)
Order number: 2-63020003
€82.35 *
Nasenadapter Special Größe 1 - für MERZ Rhino beim Gebrauch von Bakterienfiltern Nose Adapter Special Size 1 - for MERZ Rhino...
Order number: 2-74100006
€21.30 *
Nassgel-Elektroden Ag/AgCl mit dezentralem Druckknopf Wet gel electrodes with offset connector
Order number: 2-73500012
From €16.90 *
TEOAE-Sonde für Accuscreen Classic Probe for TEOAE for Madsen Accuscreen Classic
Order number: 2-63200003
€1,059.10 *
ORLICLEAN Reinigungstabletten für Ohrstöpsel 20 Stück ORLICLEAN cleaning tablets for earplugs 20 pieces
Order number: 2-71500100
From €6.55 *
Patientenantworttaster mit 6,3 mm Mono-Klinke, Spiralkabel Patient Response Switch with spiral cable
Order number: 2-61910008
€98.95 *
Patientenantworttaster mit 6,3 mm Mono-Klinke, Kabel 2 Meter - Service-freundlich Patient answer button with 6.3 mm mono jack, 2...
Order number: 2-61910011
€75.15 *
OAE-Sonde (r14o Sonde) zur Messung von TEOAE+DPOAE OAE probe (r14o probe) for measuring TEOAE+DPOAE
Order number: 2-63010000
€460.00 *
Sondenröhrchen (Coupler Tubes) für DP/TE-Sonden Otodynamics Echoport und Otoport DPC Coupler Tubes for DP/TE Otodynamics Probes
Order number: 2-73000016
€95.20 *
Homoth DP-OAE-Sonde (8-pin) für DP-OAE 4000 DP-OAE Probe (8 pin) for Homoth DP-OAE 4000
Order number: 2-63400000
€595.00 *
UGD-Sonde zur DPOAE/TEOAE-Messung für ILO Echoport USB / Otoport von Otodynamics UGD Probe for DPOAE/TEOAE Measurement for ILO...
Order number: 2-63000007
€838.95 *
Elektrodenkabel, blau, 50 cm mit Druckknopfadapter und DIN-Stecker Electrode cable, blue, 50 cm with push-button...
Order number: 2-63500077
€14.40 *
Ambu® BlueSensor N-00-S/25 - sehr kleine Nassgel-Elektroden Ambu® BlueSensor N-00-S/25 - very small wet gel...
Order number: 2-73500007
From €17.85 *
Elektrodenkabel für HORTMANN BERA Anschlußkabel mit 5-poligem DIN-Stecker Electrode cable for HORTMANN BERA connection...
Order number: 2-63500009
€194.15 *
Ambu® Neuroline 72000 S - Nassgelelektrode für Langzeit Ambu® Neuroline 72000 S - wet gel electrode for...
Order number: 2-73500006
From €21.60 *
SKINTACT Gel-Elektroden FS-RB5 mit Bananenstecker-Kupplung SKINTACT Gel Electrodes FS-RB5 with Banana Plug...
Order number: 2-73500004
From €10.00 *
LED-Otoskop, schwarz - LuxaScope 2,5 Volt, Stromversorgung über 2xAAA-Batterie LuxaScope LED-Otoscope, black, 2,5 Volt...
Order number: 2-53000003
€75.15 *
Papierrolle 140 mm breit, grauer Millimeter-Druck Paper roll 140 mm wide, grey millimetre print
Order number: 2-70000009
€10.35 *
KREPPFIX-Zungenläppchen Folienpack mit 6 Rollen, perforiert KREPPFIX tongue lobules foil pack with 6 rolls,...
Order number: 2-70600000
From €17.79 *
Audiogrammvordrucke Beomat 33/500 mit Sprache Audiogram Charts Beomat 33/500
Order number: 2-70100006
From €29.00 *
EARLINK Säuglings-Ohrstöpsel 3,5 mm, rot EARLINK Infant Eartips 3.5 mm, red
Order number: 2-75000005
€26.60 *
ILO-OAE Ohrstöpsel T8M - Original Otodynamics T8M TEOAE Eartip for Otodynamics OAE
Order number: 2-73000004
€10.00 *
Ohrstöpsel 6 mm, gelb - für MRS OAE, Amplivox OAE und Madsen Zodiac Tymp Earptip 6 mm, yellow- for MRS, Amplivox OAE...
Order number: 2-71500075
€10.00 *
Clip-Kopfband für alle Typen der Nystagmusbrillen nach Prof. Frenzel Clip headband for all types of nystagmus...
Order number: 2-62400005
€25.70 *