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Rote UGS-Sonde für TEOAE+ABR-Messungen für Otoport von Otodynamics

Red UGS probe for TEOAE+ABR measurements for Otoport from Otodynamics

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Red UGS probe for TEOAE+AABR for use with Otodynamics Otoport ABR and Otoport OAE+ABR binaural... more
Red UGS probe for TEOAE+AABR for use with Otodynamics Otoport ABR and Otoport OAE+ABR binaural right identification. Suitable for newborns, children and adults. The technical features are the same as for the UGS universal probes, the colour coding makes it easier to assign the page to be measured for ABR. Original no. of Otodynamics: PR-ABRRS.

Scope of delivery: One probe
evidENT-Shop Article 662

The stimulus for the individual ear canals is adjusted by the software. The probe can be dismantled and the probe tubes can be easily replaced. With red housing head and screw plug. The UGS type probes are so-called "intelligent" probes because they contain calibration information and usage data. The screw connection allows easy connection of the probes to the instrument with minimal effort. The robust connector protects the internal cables from stress.
Weißer Adapter für MERZ Rhino® White Adaptor for MERZ Rhino®
Order number: 2-64010019
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