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Hortmann Gesichtspolster für VG40 VideoCNG Brille

Face cushion for ICS VG40 VNG goggles from Natus GN Otometrics

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  • 2-62100002
Foam cushion for easy replacement for the blue ICS VG40 VNG mask from Natus GN Otometrics... more
Foam cushion for easy replacement for the blue ICS VG40 VNG mask from Natus GN Otometrics (Hortmann).
Modified cushion with better fit.

Scope of delivery: 1 piece
evidENT-Shop article 557

Disinfection of the face pad: Please use alcohol pads (e.g. with 70 % isopropyl alcohol) to clean and disinfect the mask, especially the face pad.
Replacing the face cushion: The face cushion should be replaced after prolonged use. It is easy to remove by pressing the pad inwards from the outside with your thumb. After you have done this at various points, the pad can be lifted out. When inserting the new cushion, please ensure that the inner and outer folds of the cushion are fully inserted into the existing grooves on the inside and outside.
IR Filter für ICS VG40 VNG-Brille von Natus GN Otometrics (Hortmann) IR filter for ICS VG40 VNG goggles from Natus...
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Zweiteiliger Maskenrahmen für ICS VG40 VNG-Maske von Natus GN Otometrics (Hortmann) Two-piece mask frame for ICS VG40 VNG goggles...
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Pads für Bügel der Knochenleiter B71, B72, B71W, B81 von Radioear Pads for Headband for B71, B72, B71W, B81 Bone...
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Hygienehüllen schwarz 11 cm Hygiene Pads 11 cm for Headphones
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Sondenspitze für MADSEN Accuscreen Probe tip for MADSEN Accuscreen
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MERZ Rhino PC-basierte diagnostische Rhinomanometrie MERZ Rhino Rhinomanometer for allergology, ENT...
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Kopfhörerbügel HBA für Kopfhörer DD45, faltbar Headband HBA for headphones DD45, foldable
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UGD-Sonde zur DPOAE/TEOAE-Messung für ILO Echoport USB / Otoport von Otodynamics UGD Probe for DPOAE/TEOAE Measurement for ILO...
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UGS-Sonde für TEOAE-Messung für ILO Echoport USB und Otoport von Otodynamics UGS TEOAE Probe for Otodynamics OAE Probes
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XL-Kopfband für VNG und HIT-Masken Klettverschlussband extra-lang XL-Headband for eVNG and eVNG/eHIT Combimask...
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Flowsensor mit Schläuchen für MERZ Rhino® Flow sensor for MERZ Rhino®
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Silikonschlauch 2x1 mm für MERZ Rhino® Silicone tubing 2x1 mm for MERZ Rhino®
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Hygiene-Set für MERZ Rhino® Hygiene kit for MERZ Rhino®
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Silikonschlauch 3x1,5 mm für MERZ Rhino® Silicone Tube 3x1,5 mm for MERZ Rhino®
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Atemmaske für Erwachsene Größe 5 für MERZ Rhino® Respiratory standard mask, for adults size 5,...
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Elektrodenkabel für HORTMANN ENG mit DIN-Stecker Electrode cable for HORTMANN ENG with DIN plug
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Polster für Nasenklemmen für Spirometrie Nose-clip pad foam material for Spirometer and...
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Software evidENT2 - Grundmodul Audiometrie inklusive Stammdatenverwaltung Software evidENT2 - Basic module audiometry...
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Schraubenset mit Inbusschlüssel für Kopfhörerkapsel TDH39 Screw set with Allen key for headphone capsule...
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