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Testkavität für OAE + ERA von Otodynamics

Probe Cavity & ABR Cable Tester for Otodynamics devices

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  • 2-63000034
Original Otodynamics spare part. The Probe Cavity & ABR Cable Tester Combined 1cc test cavity for... more
Original Otodynamics spare part. The Probe Cavity & ABR Cable Tester Combined 1cc test cavity for OAE probe checks and ABR cable tester.
Suitable for all devices from the Echoport series (Echoport ILO292-II, Echoport ILO292-I, Echoport ILO288-II and Echoport ILO288-I), and the Otoport series (Otoport OAE+ABR, Otoport Advance, Otoport DP+TE, Otoport Lite, Otoport Screener and Otocheck LE).

Shipment: 1 cavity
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Manufacturer: Otodynamics Ltd, Hatfield, Herts, GB
Probe Cavity & ABR Cable Tester
Order code: ABR-CAV
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