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Sondenspitze mit Filter (Typ1077) für Tympanometer AT235/Titan ab 2015

Probe tip kit (type 1077) for Tympanometer MAICO and Interacoustics

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Replacement kit type 1077: probe tip + seal for standard and clinical probes. Suitable for... more
Replacement kit type 1077: probe tip + seal for standard and clinical probes.
Suitable for Interacoustics AT235, AT235h (Production from 2015). Fits also Interacoustics Titan new probe type 1055.
The probe tip can be used with all versions of this probe type. Material: plastic.

Shipment: 1 piece
evidENT-Shop Article 181

ATTENTION: Please take care for the inner silicone filter when replacing the probe tip.
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