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Stethoscope with innovative disposable diaphragm system - black - LuxaScope Sonus Flat Flex

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LuxaScope Sonus Flat Flex Stethoskop with Exchangeable-Diaphragm-System The flat-head... more
LuxaScope Sonus Flat Flex Stethoskop with Exchangeable-Diaphragm-System
The flat-head stethoscope Sonus Flat Flex with disposable membrane system guarantees an optimal sound and virtually eliminates the risk of germ transmission through the membrane.
The stethoscope is ready for use in a few seconds due to a quick exchange of the membrane.
The use of environmentally harmful disposable stethoscopes or the time-consuming disinfection of the membrane is no longer necessary.
Whether in the RTW, in the emergency bag or for simple blood pressure measurement - the Sonus Flat Flex sets new standards here through economy and safety!

Flat head chest-piece made of aluminium, black, for disposable membrane system protected by DE202013104390U1.
Binaurals made of aluminium, thus low deadweight with neyerless excellent acoustics.
no use of phthalates (DEHP free)
Color: black

Scope of delivery: 1 piece
evidENT-Shop Article 451

The innovative disposable diaphragm system makes the prescribed disinfection process superfluous and is therefore a real alternative both in terms of time and cost.
The risk of cross-infection is almost eliminated.
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