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3M Skin Prep Abrasionsband 2236 zur Hautvorbereitung

3M Skin Prep Abrasion Band 2236 for skin preparation

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The 3M™ Skin Prep Abrasion Band is used for optimal and gentle skin preparation for the best... more
The 3M™ Skin Prep Abrasion Band is used for optimal and gentle skin preparation for the best possible drainage quality. The abrasion band is a gentle abrasive material for removing the upper non-conductive skin layer. Thus it enables a high quality drainage. In two studies, a significantly reduced skin resistance could be demonstrated by using the 3M Abrasion Band. When used correctly, the 3M abrasive band made of fine sandpaper material protects the patient‘s skin and minimizes skin irritations. Application: A 2 to 3 cm long piece is removed from the dispenser and gently wiped over the area where an electrode is to be placed. The electrode with the gel side is then immediately glued to the treated area. Manufacturer: 3M, manufactured in Canada. Manufacturer number 2236.

Dimensions: width: 3/4 inch (18,1 mm), length: 196 inch (5 meters)

Scope of delivery: 1 roll
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