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Kopfbügel für B71, B72, B71W, B81 Knochenleitungshörer von Radioear

Headband for B71, B72, B71W, B81 Bone conduction headphones from Radioear

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  • 2-61000001
Spare headband for RadioEar bone conduction headphones. Article P3333. Suitable for types B71,... more
Spare headband for RadioEar bone conduction headphones. Article P3333. Suitable for types B71, B72, B71W, B81. Material: metal and plastic. The headband is easy to change without tools. The headband can only be disinfected with isopropyl alcohol. If necessary, sterilization with ethylene oxide.

Scope of delivery: One piece
evidENT-Shop Article 66
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