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Bone conduction headphones NB71 complete

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Bone conduction headphones NB71 for all audiometers from Otometrics, e.g. Madsen Astera2. The... more
Bone conduction headphones NB71 for all audiometers from Otometrics, e.g. Madsen Astera2.
The NB71 audiometric bone conductor was developed and manufactured by BHM in collaboration with GN Otometrics (Denmark). It is based on state-of-the-art bone conduction technology. Ultrasonic welding of the housing parts ensures special robustness and protection against environmental influences, e.g. moisture and sweat.
In addition, NB71 is compatible with the RadioEar headband. Identical in construction to BC-1 from BHM.
The set consists of headphones with a rigid headband and 2-metre integrated fixed cable (no extension cable required).

Scope of delivery: 1 piece
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Original Article Number 8-75-50000
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Knochenleitungshörer NB71 Wandler mit Kabel Bone-conduction NB71 transducer with cable
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Glattes B71-Kabel mit 6,3 mm Klinkenstecker für Knochenleitungskopfhörer B71 Molded cord for Radioear B71, 6.3 mm jack
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Kabelverlängerung mit 6,3 mmm Klinke auf 6,3 mm Buchse (mono) für B71 / B81 Cable extension for B71/B81 cables
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