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Knochenleitungshörer NB71 Wandler mit Kabel

Bone-conduction NB71 transducer with cable

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  • 2-61000264
Replacement bone conduction transducer with cable NB71 for all audiometers from Otometrics, e.g.... more
Replacement bone conduction transducer with cable NB71 for all audiometers from Otometrics, e.g. Madsen Astera2. Type BC-1/GR7024
Transducer and cable are firmly connected to each other. Ultrasonic welding of the housing parts ensures special robustness and protection against environmental influences, e.g. moisture and perspiration.
Two different headband models are available separately. In addition, NB71 is compatible with the RadioEar headband.

Scope of delivery: 1 headphone with 2 metre long integrated fixed cable (no extension cable required)
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61000204.jpg Bone conduction headphones NB71 complete
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