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Ersatzkabel 50 Ohm für Einsteckhörer EARTONE 5A

Replacement Cable 50 Ohms for Insert Phone EARTONE 5A

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Replacement cable for EARTONE 5A 50 Ohm pluggable headphones. With 2 x 6.3 mm gold-plated jack... more
Replacement cable for EARTONE 5A 50 Ohm pluggable headphones. With 2 x 6.3 mm gold-plated jack plugs. The cable is suitable for ERA / BERA measurements with the EARTONE 5A pluggable receiver.
Please note: The replacement cables for the EARTONE 3A or 5A plug-in headphones are not interchangeable between the two models. For the headphone model EARTONE 5A, the replacement cable must not only match the model, but also have the specific impedance (5A 10 Ohm or 5A 50 Ohm).

Scope of delivery: One cable
evidENT-Shop Article 251

Manufacturer: 3M AEARO. Article #420-2021. 3M, E-A-RTONE™ and E-A-RLINK™ are trademarks of the company 3M.
Original number 420-2021.
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