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Audiometer R17A BC Screening Audiometer mit Luft- und Knochenleitung

Audiometer R17A BC Screening Audiometer with air and bone conduction

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The audiometer R17A BC is a small, elegant screening audiometer with air and bone conduction in a... more
The audiometer R17A BC is a small, elegant screening audiometer with air and bone conduction in a special design. Ideal for children‘s audiometry. With brilliant 7" touch display. The data is recorded in the audiometer and can be transferred to a PC via the integrated Bluetooth interface and stored in the Resonance® MDS software.

Air conduction receiver DD45 and bone conductor B71W, patient answer button
Software Resonance® MDS, medical power supply 100V - 240V), carrying bag, charging cradle, USB stick with multilingual short handbook, stylus stylus for comfortable operation of touch display

Technical data:
- Dimensions: L x W x H in mm: 180x135x4, Weight: 450 g
- DISPLAY: 7" TFT Touch Screen Display, Resolution: 800x480, 262K Colors
- DATA TRANSFER TO PC: Bluetooth 2.1
- POWER SUPPLY: Built-in 3,6V/3,1 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, External medical power supply (Input 100-240Vac / 0,3A, 50/60Hz, Output +5Vdc / 2A
- BATTERY OPERATION: Up to 3 hours of possible work with speech audiometry. Charging time with the power supply: approx. 80% in 2 hours.
- PERFORMANCE DATA: Frequency range LL: 125 Hz to 8 kHz, frequency range KL: 250 to 6000 Hz
- ACCURACY: frequency < 0.5%, distortion < 1%, crosstalk >70dB, linearity 1dB in 5dB steps, max 3dB over full range, level range: -10 to 110 dB HL
- Pure tone: Sine 125 to 8Khz signal
- sweep: +/- 5% frequency range modulated, modulation: sine wave 5 Hz
- Narrow band noise: 24dB/oct filtered noise
- Speech noise: 1khz 12dB/oct filtered noise
- White noise
- Language test material on internal SSD card
- TESTS: pure tone audiometry, speech test (speech material can be called up in the device)

Optionally available:
License for interactive children‘s image test RE-PLAY Audiometry (Article 285)

Delivery: Audiometer R16A with accessories
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