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Lizenz für interaktiven Kinderbild-Test für Screening Audiometer Audiometer R17A

License for interactive children-image test for screening audiometer audiometer R17A

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  • 2-51020005
License for the RE-Play Interactive Game Audiometry as an addition to the different types of... more
License for the RE-Play Interactive Game Audiometry as an addition to the different types of audiometer r17a.
For the playfully simple and motivating performance of sound audiometry.

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evidENT Shop Article 285

Performing the interactive test for children: At the start of the RE-Play test, an animal with various instruments is shown. For the stimulus presentation, the child is asked to tap the animal. When the stimulus presentation is finished, two boxes are displayed. If the patient hears the signal, he should tap on the "toy box"; if the patient does not hear the sound, he should tap on the garbage can. According to the options defined in the setup, the test will continue with changing stimulus levels. It is finished when a picture of all playing animals is presented.
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