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Inserthörer ER-3C, 10 Ohm von Etymotic Research

ER•3C Insert Earphones 10 Ohms

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Set insert earphones ER-3C, 50 Ohm with accessories from Etymotic Research. ER-3C™ Earphones are... more
Set insert earphones ER-3C, 50 Ohm with accessories from Etymotic Research.
ER-3C™ Earphones are the next generation of insert earphones, replacing the ER-3A earphones that have been the worldwide standard for audiometric insert earphones since 1985.
The frequency response and features of the ER-3C headphones are virtually identical to those of the original ER-3A headphones at all audiometric frequencies.

Advantages of the ER-3C headphones
- Includes "touch-proof" electrical connection for safety
- smooth frequency response like predecessor ER-3A
- Provides 30+ dB external noise attenuation - equivalent to a single-wall cabin when used with deep-sealed foam earplugs
- Provides 70+ dB isolation (interaural attenuation) between ears; reduces the need for masking
- Reduces variability of tests and repetitions compared to supra-aural earphones
- Eliminates test errors due to collapsed auditory canals
- Simplifies RECD measurements (Real Ear to Coupler Difference)
- Can be calibrated in a 2-cm coupling, a closed ear simulator or a 0.4-cm coupling

System Includes: ER•3C earphones (10 Ohm), 7‘ cable with dual-mono 6.33 mm (1/4") plugs, 20 foam eartips (regular, 13 mm), 20 foam eartips (small, 10 mm), 2 foam eartips (large, 18 mm), Hook-and-loop neck strap.

Scope of delivery: 1 piece
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