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Neurologische Stimmgabel mit Dämpfer und Fuß c64/c128 nach Rydel-Seiffer

Neurological tuning fork with damper and foot c64/c128 according to Rydel-Seiffer

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Neurological tuning fork with damper and foot c64/c128 according to Rydel-Seiffer. Material:... more
Neurological tuning fork with damper and foot c64/c128 according to Rydel-Seiffer.
Material: stainless steel.

Scope of supply: 1 tuning fork
evidENT-Shop Article 656

The Weber test is used to determine a lateralization of the hearing sensation using a tuning fork. The physiologist Ernst Heinrich Weber (1795-1878) from Leipzig described it for the first time in 1825. The Hildesheim psychiatrist Heinrich Rinne (1819-1868) completed the test in 1855. While the Weber experiment serves to compare the sensation of sound between both ears during bone conduction, the Rinne experiment compares air and bone conduction. Together, the two tests form a standard test for examining hearing impairment or the eighth cranial nerve.
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