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Software evidENT2 - Grundmodul Tympanometrie zum Anschluß an versch. Tympanometer

software evidENT2 - basic module tympanometry for connection to different tympanometers

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Audiological software for connection to various tympanometers, for example: Interacoustics MTS10,... more
Audiological software for connection to various tympanometers, for example: Interacoustics MTS10, MTP10, AT235, AT22t, AT22, AZ26, KIND DI931 (as of Nov. 2014). The data of the tympanogram and the reflex tests can be directly taken over and managed by the tympanometer.
Scope of services:
General functions: Master data administration with convenient search function, network-compatible, can be connected to any practice EDP via GDT interface. Runs under all Windows operating systems. Transfer and entry of tympanogram, reflex test (ipsi- and contralateral). Crossfade of different measurements of the patient possible.
Printout functions: For documentation purposes, the tympanograms can be printed in colour depending on the printer. The printout can be combined by the user so that different measurements are displayed on one sheet.

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