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Software evidENT2 - Grundmodul Audiometrie inklusive Stammdatenverwaltung

Software evidENT2 - Basic module audiometry including master data administration

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Audiological software for connection to various audiometers. For example: Interacoustics AC30,... more
Audiological software for connection to various audiometers. For example: Interacoustics AC30, AC33, KIND DA931 (as of Nov. 2018). The data from the audiometer can be directly transferred and managed. The audiometer can be controlled via the software depending on the type of audiometer used.
Scope of performance:
General functions: Master data management with convenient search function, network-compatible, can be connected to any practice computer via the GDT interface, runs under all Windows operating systems from Win XP Prof. Windows 7 Prof or Windows 10 is recommended. Symbols according to Lehnhard.
Tone audiometry: crossfades of up to 5 audiograms, insertion of the patient‘s tympanogram possible, entry of tests according to Weber and Rinne, SISI test, tinnitus entry possible. Speech audiometry with the Freiburg speech intelligibility test with single word control (playback directly via CD-ROM drive of the computer or from the hard disk) and transfer of the results to the form.
Print functions: for documentation purposes the audiograms (and tympanograms) can be printed in colour depending on the printer. The printout can be combined by the user so that different measurements can be displayed on one sheet.

Scope of delivery: USB stick with the software as well as a dongle for activation
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