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ATMOS Green & Clean WK Desinfektionsmittel für ATMOS Aqua clean

ATMOS Green & Clean WK disinfectant for ATMOS Aqua clean

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Specially developed disinfectant ATMOS Green & Clean WK. A concentrate based on hydrogen... more
Specially developed disinfectant ATMOS Green & Clean WK. A concentrate based on hydrogen peroxide, which is very well suited for continuous germ reduction of tap water. It has an excellent, optimally disinfecting effect and a high material compatibility. By using ATMOS Aqua clean this protection can be guaranteed in the best possible way as it prevents the formation of new biofilm. The specially developed ATMOS Green & Clean WK contains a complexing agent which binds lime and thus effectively prevents deposits. Besides the water separation the ATMOS Aqua clean enables a cleaning and sterilisation of the tap water and the water carrying hose system with the help of the agent. The content of the bottle is sufficient for 320 ear rinses.

Scope of delivery: Set with 6 bottles of 1000 ml content
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