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Spiegel für eVNG-Maske, links mit Halterung, neue Version

Mirror for eVNG and eHIT-Masks - left - new version

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  • 2-62000029
Left mirror for the eVNG mask, eVNG/eHIT mask of the manufacturer Biomed Jena. Also for use with... more
Left mirror for the eVNG mask, eVNG/eHIT mask of the manufacturer Biomed Jena. Also for use with EST-VNG masks with the serial number VEB04. Semi-permeable mirror for installation in a mask of the eVNG.
A small Allen key is required to install the mirror.

Scope of delivery: 1 mirror
evidENT-Shop Article 384

For orientation: what is right- what left?
Place the mirror with the holder on the table, the grid points upwards. The diagonally from bottom right to top left oriented mirror is the left one, the diagonally from bottom left to top right oriented mirror is the right one. Other method: put on the mask and look through it. Now the right mirror is on the right and the left mirror on the left.
Spiegel für eVNG-Maske, rechts mit Halterung, neue Version Mirror for eVNG and eHIT-Masks - right - new...
Order number: 2-62000028
€166.60 *
Patientenantworttaster mit 3,5 mm Stereo-Klinke, Kabel 2 Meter - Service-freundlich Patient response button with 3.5 mm stereo...
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Adapter AD30 mm für Kalibrationspumpe von JAEGER Adapter OD 30mm for calibration pump by JAEGER
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Bakterienfilter “MicroGard IIB“ für Pneumotachografen MicroGard® IIB Bacteria Filter for various...
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Radioear DD65 v2 Audiometrie-Kopfhörer mit schalldämmenden Peltorkappen DD65v2 Passive attenuation audiometric headset,...
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Nassgel-Elektroden Ag/AgCl mit dezentralem Druckknopf Wet gel electrodes with offset connector
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Kopfhörer Holmco PD95, Audiometriekopfhörer nach ISO389 Holmco PD95 headphones, ISO389 audiometric...
Order number: 2-61000061
From €398.00 *
Patientenantworttaster mit 6,3 mm Mono-Klinke, Kabel 2 Meter - Service-freundlich Patient answer button with 6.3 mm mono jack, 2...
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64000092.jpg Disposable mouthpiece "Cardboard" for...
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Kopfpolster XL für Kinder für Kopfhörer HDA300 XL headband paddings for small head sizes for...
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Sondenröhrchen (Coupler Tubes) für DP/TE-Sonden Otodynamics Echoport und Otoport DPC Coupler Tubes for DP/TE Otodynamics Probes
Order number: 2-73000016
€95.20 *
Sondenröhrchen (Coupler Tubes) für TE-Sonden Otodynamics Echoport und Otoport TPC Coupler Tubes for TEOAE Otodynamics Probes
Order number: 2-73000015
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OAE-Sondenspitze für EroScan, integrierte Sonde OAE probe tip for EroScan, integrated probe
Order number: 2-63300000
€25.05 *
OAE Sonde für MADSEN Accuscreen (TEOAE/ABR) OAE probe for MADSEN Accuscreen (TEOAE/ABR)
Order number: 2-63200001
€946.05 *
linker Spiegel für VNG-Maske Kamera-Typ COC2.2/COC2.3 Mirror for 2D VOG or VN15 mask - left side -
Order number: 2-62000012
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Sondenspitze mit Filter (Typ1077) für Tympanometer AT235/Titan ab 2015 Probe tip kit (type 1077) for Tympanometer...
Order number: 2-61500075
€60.10 *
Steckverbinder reduziert 3 auf 2 für MERZ Rhino® Reduction nipple for MERZ Rhino®
Order number: 2-51511505
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Elektrodenkabel, blau, 50 cm mit Druckknopfadapter und DIN-Stecker Electrode cable, blue, 50 cm with push-button...
Order number: 2-63500077
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Bakterienfilter “MicroGard IIC“ für Pneumotachograf MicroGard IIC Filters bacterial and viral...
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Kabel mit 2 x 6,3 mm mono Klinkenstecker für ohraufliegenden TDH39/DD45 Cable with 2 x 6.3 mm mono jack plug for...
Order number: 2-61000006
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KREPPFIX-Zungenläppchen Folienpack mit 6 Rollen, perforiert KREPPFIX tongue lobules foil pack with 6 rolls,...
Order number: 2-70600000
From €17.79 *
Napf-Sinterelektrode Ag/AgCl, blau. D: 14 mm, Kabellänge 100 cm Cup interelectrode Ag/AgCl, blue. D: 14 mm,...
Order number: 2-63500037
€33.50 *