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Bakterienfilter-Kit “MicroGard IIB“ mit Nasenklemme

MicroGard® IIB Bacteria Filter kit

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  • 2-64000086
Filter Kit (MicroGard IIB + nose clamp) with integrated oval mouthpiece, suitable for use by... more
Filter Kit (MicroGard IIB + nose clamp) with integrated oval mouthpiece, suitable for use by adults and children.
The unique positioning aid (utility model registered under no. DE202010009616U1) on the integrated oval mouthpiece helps the patient to position the teeth correctly. The oval shape avoids leakage during lip closure.
The MicroGard® filter is used in connection with devices for lung function diagnostics of the brands JAEGER, SensorMedics® and Micro Medical.

Scope of delivery: 80 disposable bacteria filters
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Manufacturer JAEGER / Vyaire. Manufacturer Number V-892391
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