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Atemmaske für Kinder (Größe 3 ) für Rhinomanometer

Breathing mask for children (size 3) for rhinomanometer

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  • 2-64000001
Transparent ventilation mask for children. Size 3. with inflatable silicone bead. Suitable for... more
Transparent ventilation mask for children. Size 3. with inflatable silicone bead.
Suitable for various rhinomanometers, e.g. MasterScope Rhino, MasterScreen Pneumo, MasterScreen IOS, MasterScreen PFT, MasterScreen Diffusion, MasterScreen Body from JAEGER / CareFusion, Hortmann Rhino and Rhinotest 2000 plus from EVG.

Scope of delivery: one breathing mask
evidENT-Shop Article 199

Note on cleaning, disinfection and sterilization:
Clean or disinfect the mask after each use. When changing patients, the mask must be disinfected or sterilized.
Cleaning the Mask: Clean the mask with warm water and a household cleaner. You can also clean the mask in a dishwasher up to 100 ° C.
Disinfection: Please use a diluted commercial disinfectant solution (e.g. GIGASEPT FF) for disinfection.
Sterilisation: Sterilisation is possible at a temperature up to 134 ° C.

Manufacturer Weinmann (WM5082)
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