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OAE Sonde für MADSEN Accuscreen (TEOAE/ABR)

OAE probe for MADSEN Accuscreen (TEOAE/ABR)

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  • 2-63200001
The TEOAE/ ABR probe, which can be used for all TEOAE and ABR measurements, is identified by the... more
The TEOAE/ ABR probe, which can be used for all TEOAE and ABR measurements, is identified by the gray strain relief where the cable is attached to the probe head.
Manufacturer No. 8-69-41101

Scope of delivery: 1 probe and 3 transparent probe tips
evidENT-Shop Article 728

Probe cleaning:
Use a wet tissue with alcohol to clean the probe cable and the surface of the probe body. Wipe only with disinfectants and make sure that liquid does not enter the probe body.
Important: For periodical cleaning of the probe body, contact your authorized service department.
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Ersatzkabel 30 Grad, 2x 6,3 mm vergoldete Mono-Klinkenstecker für Radioear Schallschutzkappen Replacement cable 30º, 2x 6.3 mm gold-plated...
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Ohrumschließende Schallschutzkappen HB6511 mit 1x3,5 mm Klinkenkabel für TDH39 / DD45 RadioEar Circumaural headband (replacement kit...
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€220.15 *
Adapter AD30 mm für Kalibrationspumpe von JAEGER Adapter OD 30mm for calibration pump by JAEGER
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Elektrodenkabel für Homoth BERA 4000 Anschlußkabel mit 5-poligem DIN-Stecker Electrode cable for Homoth BERA 4000 connection...
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Bio-logic DPOAE probe (red) Bio-logic DPOAE probe (red)
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