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OAE-Sondenspitze für Eclipse TEOAE25 und DPOAE20

Black Probe tip for Eclipse TEOAE25 and DPOAE20

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  • 2-63100005
Adult replacement probe tip for Interacoustics TEOAE25 and DPOAE20 OAE systems. For the OAE25... more
Adult replacement probe tip for Interacoustics TEOAE25 and DPOAE20 OAE systems.
For the OAE25 probe. For use with the gray and black earbuds (OAE-7, OAE-9, OAE-10, OAE-11, OAE-15 and OAE-18) .

Scope of delivery: 1 piece
evidENT-Shop Article 146

Note: of this probe tip only a few are still available. The manufacturer offers an alternative OAE universal probe tip (Article 182). For the new type, however, different earplugs are required.
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Ohrstöpsel 12 mm, blau - für MRS OAE, Amplivox OAE und Madsen Zodiac Tymp Earptip 12 mm, blue - for MRS, Amplivox OAE...
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Ohrstöpsel 9 mm, grün - für MRS OAE, Amplivox OAE und Madsen Zodiac Tymp Earptip 9 mm, green - for MRS, Amplivox OAE...
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Ohrstöpsel 6 mm, gelb - für MRS OAE, Amplivox OAE und Madsen Zodiac Tymp Earptip 6 mm, yellow- for MRS, Amplivox OAE...
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Ohrstöpsel mit rundem Schirm 7 mm, blau Eartip 7 mm mushroom, blue
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Ohrstöpsel mit rundem Schirm 10 mm, rot Eartip 10 mm mushroom, red
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Universal-Ohrstöpsel Gr. 2, 7 mm, gelb Universal eartip size 2, 7 mm, yellow
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