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Subdermale Stahl-Nadelelektrode für EMG/EP Ableitung

Disposable scalp steel needle electrode for EMG/EP conductance

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  • 2-63500022
Reusable scalp needle electrode for EMG, EEG or EP recordings. Connection through 1 mm PIN... more
Reusable scalp needle electrode for EMG, EEG or EP recordings.
Connection through 1 mm PIN connector to a connecting cable (article 427 / 63500024 - not included).

Dimensions: needle length: 10 mm, diameter: 0.3 mm, shaft length: 10 mm
Material: Stainless steel. Sterilizable up to 136 degrees in autoclave or with ethylene oxide

Scope of delivery: 1 piece
evidENT-Shop Article 426

- Application: This needle type is used for EEG recordings.
- Cleaning: Before sterilization, clean the needle with a disinfectant commonly used in hospitals for instrument cleaning.
- Sterilization: The needle can be sterilized with ethylene oxide or in an autoclave in a suitable container at 121 degrees C 20min. Then ventilate or allow to cool for approx. 10 min.
- The temperature must not exceed 136 degrees C.
- The effectiveness and reliability of the sterilization process is the sole responsibility of the persons who sterilize these needle electrodes.
- 20 sterilizations are guaranteed. Reusability depends on careful handling and should be checked thoroughly before each new use.
- In case of damage, please replace it with another one.
- The recommendations for the frequency of sterilization are based on normal, normal use and the basis for the guarantee of the service life.
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