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Nystagmusbrille nach Dr. Blessing Typ 523 fest montierter regelbarer Batteriegriff oben

Nystagmus spectacles according to Dr. Blessing type 523 fixed mounted adjustable battery handle top

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Nystagmus spectacles by Dr. Blessing type 523 with adjustable battery holder. With the Nystagmus... more
Nystagmus spectacles by Dr. Blessing type 523 with adjustable battery holder.
With the Nystagmus Spectacle Type 523 you can easily perform short-term examinations on patients. This model enables wireless working and is not tied to the power supply. The nystagmus spectacles are powered by the adjustable battery holder and require three 1.5 volt batteries, size C LR14/AM-2 (baby cells). (Batteries are not included). Thanks to the adjustable battery holder, you can adjust the lighting individually by turning the switch. Color of glasses: white.

Scope of delivery: One set
evidENT-Shop-Article 587

Modern vestibular diagnostics require high precision in the search for spontaneous or provocation nystagmus. The new nystagmus spectacles according to Dr. Blessing are an easy to use alternative. Under the new nystagmus spectacles, nystagmus intensity and nystagmus amplitude reach 80% and 99% respectively of the elektronystagmographic values.
The illumination of the nystagmus spectacles is indirect, so no light-diffusing
reflexes, which lead to an undesirable, nystagmus-inhibiting gaze fixation.
in the patient. Since direct illumination of the eye is prevented by the shielding of the light bulbs, the occurrence of the PURKINJE vein image, which can trigger an arbitrary "illuminated spectacle nystagmus" through its movement, which can produce false positive nystagmus findings, can be ruled out.
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