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Nystagmusbrille nach Prof. Frenzel, Typ 503 fest montierter regelbarer Batteriegriff oben

Nystagmus spectacles acc. to Prof. Frenzel, type 503 fixed adjustable battery handle top

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  • 2-51342002
The nystagmus spectacles according to Prof. Frenzel type 503 have a fixed adjustable battery... more
The nystagmus spectacles according to Prof. Frenzel type 503 have a fixed adjustable battery handle at the top. With the Nystagmus Spectacle Type 503 you can easily perform short-term examinations on patients. This model enables wireless working and is not tied to the power supply. The nystagmus spectacles are powered by the adjustable battery holder and require three 1.5 volt batteries, size C LR14/AM-2 (baby cells). (Batteries are not included). Thanks to the adjustable battery holder, you can adjust the lighting individually by turning the switch. Color of glasses: black.

Scope of delivery: One set
evidENT-Shop-Article 583

Modern vestibular diagnostics require high precision in the search for spontaneous or provocation nystagmus. The new nystagmus spectacles by Prof. Frenzel are an easy to use alternative. The actual examination of the illuminated spectacles takes place in a dark room or a darkened room. The interior lighting of the spectacles interrupts the patient‘s optical contact with his surroundings (switching off the nystagmus-inhibiting fixation). At the same time, the brightly lit eyes under the magnifying lenses are particularly easy to observe. In many cases, pathological nystagmus processes can be detected when looking straight ahead, which are not or not reliably recognizable without glasses even when looking sideways.
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