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Nystagmusbrille nach Prof. Frenzel, Typ 501 mit festen Gläsern und Anschlusskabel

Nystagmus spectacles according to Prof. Frenzel, type 501 with fixed lenses and connection cable

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Nystagmus spectacles with fixed lenses by Prof. Frenzel type 501. The clip headband ensures a... more
Nystagmus spectacles with fixed lenses by Prof. Frenzel type 501.
The clip headband ensures a secure fixation of the spectacles in front of the patient‘s eyes and enables an easy search for spontaneous and provoked nystagmus. The clip headband can be removed from the slots of the nystagmus spectacles by gently pressing it together.
Color of glasses: black.

Scope of delivery: One set
evidENT-Shop-Article 581

Modern vestibular diagnostics require high precision in the search for spontaneous or provocation nystagmus. In many cases a correct diagnosis can only be achieved by using the complicated technology of electron dust imaging (ENG). The new nystagmus spectacles according to Prof. Frenzel are an easy to handle alternative. The actual examination of the illuminated spectacles takes place in a dark room or a darkened room. The interior lighting of the spectacles interrupts the patient‘s optical contact with his surroundings (switching off the nystagmus-inhibiting fixation). At the same time, the brightly lit eyes under the magnifying lenses are particularly easy to observe. In many cases, pathological nystagmus processes can be detected when looking straight ahead, which are not or not reliably recognizable without glasses even when looking sideways.
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