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Germlyser® ENT steriler, endständiger Einweg-Membranfilter

Germlyser® ENT sterile, terminal disposable membrane filter

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Germlyser® ENT membrane filter for filtration of tap water for infection prevention during ear... more
Germlyser® ENT membrane filter for filtration of tap water for infection prevention during ear canal flushing.
One set contains: 1 Germlyser® ENT, 2 Combi-Stopper sealing cones, instructions for use.

Dimensions: diameter: 18 mm, length: 56 mm

- Clinically proven protection against legionella and pseudomonas
- Minimum flow rate: 0.5 L/min at 5 bar, at 25°C
- Adaption: Simple with Luer-Lock closure
- Tool life: 4 weeks
- Medical device according to 93/42/EWG
- suitable for ATMOS water caloristats

Scope of delivery: 1 set
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The Germlyser® ENT is a sterile, terminally disposable membrane filter that can be quickly and easily installed between the ENT handle and the nozzle attachment using a luer lock closure. The 0.2 µm hollow fiber membrane retains all water germs.
The chemical composition of the water does not change. The service life of the filter is 4 weeks. Hygienic protection during downtimes is guaranteed by the enclosed sterile closures. After use, the filter is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way via the collection of recyclable materials (plastic). The Germlyser® ENT supplies sterile water at a constant flow rate over the entire service life and offers effective protection against water-associated germs.
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