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Fingerpulsoximeter Jumper JPD-500B

Finger Pulse Oximeter Jumper JPD-500B

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Compact pulse oximeter to put on the finger. High accuracy and real-time measurement display,... more
Compact pulse oximeter to put on the finger. High accuracy and real-time measurement display, helpful for doctors and nurses. Large HD LED display and soft silicone case provide clear and comfortable measurement.

Finger Pulse Oximeter ECO, Pulse Oximeter and Accessories
Accuracy: SpO2: 70%~100%, +/- 2%.
Pulse rate: 25~250 bpm, +/- 2 bpm
Battery: AAA x 2
Dimensions: 58.0 x 32.0 x 33.2 mm
Weight (without batteries): 28.7 g
Parameters: Pulse rate, SpO2
Display: Battery warning indicator, limit reading indicator
Field of application: adults, teenagers

Scope of delivery: 1 piece
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