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SKINTACT Gel-Elektroden FS-RB5 mit Bananenstecker-Kupplung

SKINTACT Gel Electrodes FS-RB5 with Banana Plug Coupling

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SKINTACT Gel Electrodes FS-RB5. High-quality Ag/AgCL liquid gel electrodes for short-term use.... more
SKINTACT Gel Electrodes FS-RB5. High-quality Ag/AgCL liquid gel electrodes for short-term use. With 4 mm banana plug coupling. Suitable for ECG. Excellent discharge quality: The adhesive and conductive Aqua-Tac hydrogel of the SKINTACT electrodes delivers reliable signals of consistently high quality. Safe adhesive strength and comfort for the patient: The SKINTACT electrodes feel soft and stick reliably to the skin at the same time. The special flap shape prevents the electrode from lifting off. After the measurement, the electrodes can be removed conveniently and without hair loss for the patient. Superior safety: Provided they are used correctly, the SKINTACT electrodes switch off cross-infections. Please note: Insufficiently cleaned suction electrodes are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. The Aqua-Tac Gel leaves no residue on the skin and makes cleaning superfluous.

Dimensions: Size of electrodes: 28mm x 44 mm

Scope of delivery: One bag with 50 pieces
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Electrode cable Colour: weiß
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