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ER-10B + Mikrofon von Etymotic Research

ER•10B+ Microphone

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Low Noise™ DPOAE Microphone The ER-10B+ Low Noise™ DPOAE Microphone has a flat frequency response... more
Low Noise™ DPOAE Microphone
The ER-10B+ Low Noise™ DPOAE Microphone has a flat frequency response through 10 kHz, with a noise level 10 dB below that of the human ear. Battery operation prevents ground loop problems. Requires external sound source: wide band earphones (ER-2) or high output earphones (ER-3C). Earphones are sold separately.
Requires external ER•2 earphones (wide band) or ER•3C earphones (high output).*
Stainless steel sound tubes retain eardrum pressure response of ER•2 earphones (flat to 16 kHz)
Noise level is 10 dB below that of the human ear
Microphone frequency response flat through 10 kHz
Switchable amplifier for 0, 20 or 40 dB gain
Easy-to-replace eartips
Battery operation prevents ground loop problems
ER•10D eartips can be used with this microphone

System Includes: Microphone and cable assembly, Pre-Amplifier, Calibration cavity, 1 pkg ER•2 front coupling tubes, 1 pkg ER•3A front coupling tubes, 20 probe tubes, 10 foam eartips (regular, 13 mm), 10 Single Use EartipsTM, Hook-and-loop headband, Carrying case

Scope of delivery: 1 piece
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