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Stirnlampe VERSABRITE medic

Headlamp Peli 2250 VERSABRITE medic

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Bright swivel head headlamp for mains-independent use. The VERSABRITE halogen lamp with a... more
Bright swivel head headlamp for mains-independent use.
The VERSABRITE halogen lamp with a luminous intensity of 6000 candela in the form of a "white" xenon light beam is currently the most powerful small lamp in the world. It is light, handy and insensitive due to a break-proof polycarbonate housing. An expandable headband is included.
It is operated by simply turning the lens. For power supply, two alkaline batteries are inserted in the housing, which can be opened from the side.
The position of the batteries is marked.
The lighting time is 5-6 hours.
The lamp module with xenon bulb and reflector can be replaced by unscrewing the lens head.
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